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Simple, organic ingredients … naturally.

Long before we founded Organic Grower-Solutions the many different philosophies on growing often confounded our own efforts to sprout our favorite greens. When done just right, biodynamic soils … “dirt” you never need to fertilize … well, it’s a revelation. Beautiful, vibrant and healthy plants that practically take care of themselves – what a concept. It’s why natural soils and organic ingredients are our passion however.

In part that’s because it’s a challenge to make soils this sophisticated and easy to use. Organic ingredients can be tricky to find, backbreaking to blend and store, and a real trick to have ready just when you need them. A couple years back we declared a better solution was needed.

So that’s why natural ready-to-use “just add water” soils are at center of our operations. And there’s more to stress free growing than our high-tech soils – check out all our product families below!


Natural Bag Soils


Four natural biodynamic nutrition complete soils.

Enriched with premium organic ingredients, helping you make sure your future growing plans are easy.

All our bag soils come in a lined heavy weight 1.5 cubic foot grow-ready jute fiber bag.

Biodegradeable food grade bags are emblazoned with stylish OG-Solutions logos. and incl. plant data card.

Great for beginner and professional growers alike!

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Growing Kits


Growing greens naturally is easy with our new box soil systems!

Our natural soil growing kits come with all you need to grow your plants without adding any chemicals or fertilizers.

Small, Med, Large kits each come complete with properly-sized selections of all four OG-Solutions biodynamic soils.

The bigger the kit, the bigger the harvest!

Starter Soil kit upgrade coming!

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Starter Soil Kits


Now it’s possible to nurture fool-proof starter plants in small locations, organically!

Designed specifically for the most critical weeks of any costly plant.

Natural starts made easy. Starter Soil Grow Quarts come complete with jute growing bags and the right amount of specially formulated OGS Starter Soil.

7 day support included!

New! GQ-Starter Soil singles coming to all grow kits!

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OG-Solutions Gear


Nothing’s cooler than growing your own greens, but OG-Solutions gear aint too shabby.

Dedicated mens and women’s shirt designs are hand printed in Colorado. They are complemented by our stalwart USA stitched hats too.

Coming soon to the fold, window brands, keychain lights and more. It’s easy being green at OG-Solutions.

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Chances are good each of those product categories above will probably tell you what you want to know. No? Well, rest assured “Solutions” isn’t in our name for nothing. The world’s most advanced natural soils are nothing without impeccable service.

Jump to our FAQ’s page here for those things we get asked all the time.

Of course contacting us is easy too, and we love to hear from our customers, go here to contact us! Our growing experts are on line 7 days a week to answer your dirty questions fast.